AUDIENCE MAGNET provides training and resources for freelance creatives

Using our 3 step process, you can connect with your potential customers and transform them into a supportive audience.


your ideas

your skills

your business


your brand

your platform

your community


with content

with experiences

paying customers

It's time to take control of your business

If you don't have your own digital presence and just rely on social media, you're wasting your valuable time.

Don't let opportunities slip through your fingers by just relying on social networks. They use your hard work and creativity to attract customers that you will never see.

It's time to take a creative approach. Harness the web as a tool to bring your audience directly to you, and use social media smartly so it works for you, not against you.

We give you the tools to define your path, build your platform and attract your audience.



plan your journey to personal success



build custom websites for small businesses



create videos with your phone like a pro

what they say...

Dennis is one of the most skilled facilitators I have met. He has been able to deliver a learning solution to a very mixed ability class, creating motivation and enthusiasm. I liked that we had ownership for our own learning and research, and the pace was perfect. He is very skilled at breaking tasks down into manageable chunks and explaining complex information in a simple to understand way.

Amber Taylor

What once was a daunting and scary prospect, is now an exciting new challenge. I see this as an opportunity to open so many more doors and hopefully a new future for myself.

Siofra Petty



Dennis explains everything very clearly and makes things easy to understand, even the difficult parts. Great course and great teacher! Thank you very much.

David Sanchez-Ramade



Dennis put a lot of enthusiasm and patience into the teaching, and I think he did an excellent job. I have studied at several universities and done lots of night classes, and have rarely come across someone so dedicated, good at what they do and able to explain complex information in a simple way.

Aisling Conboy

His enthusiasm and energy engages and enables learners with a wide range of backgrounds, skills and experience. It was amazing how much he was able to cover. Thank you for a great learning experience.

Sonia Maloney