Discover how you can attract, engage and sell to your ideal audience with storytelling.

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You have a unique voice. Express it so it captivates and transforms!!

How to establish yourself as the go-to expert in your industry or niche,
and attract, engage and sell to your ideal clients and customers.

We’re looking for a few more dream clients… could this be you!!

Watch this short video and learn how you can start using storytelling in your business today.

Presented by
Dennis Morrison

Dennis has worked in the Film & TV industry for nearly 30 years, and has also created branded content for top brands, including Diesel, L'Oréal and Red Bull. He’s consulted on numerous video projects for small and large companies, helping them develop their video strategy and build their audience. He also teaches filmmaking and storytelling at international film schools, and does workshops for businesses and professionals who want to communicate authentically and effectively.

In this Masterclass, you're going to discover...

The most important skillset you must have

that’s essential for you to cut through the noise and get noticed by your ideal audience, if you want your business to thrive in 2020 and beyond.

A scientifically proven method

that enables you to connect with your audience, in a way that keeps things simple and actionable.

How to make your competition irrelevant

and communicate confidently as your unique self, using your own voice, personality and character.

The key ingredient to find and target

your best customer avatar, even if you feel unclear on who that is right now.

The secret recipe that enables you to

immediately benefit from having a repeatable technique to create captivating marketing, (just like the pros), without bringing in a specialist marketer.

This Masterclass is a must attend if…

  • You want to finally discover why it’s simpler than you think to reach the ones who need you.
  • You want to learn how to craft your message so that it speaks to your audience right now.
  • You want to hold your audience’s attention, so they keep coming back to you.
  • You want to grow an audience who buy your product or service again and again.

We’re looking for a few more dream clients… could this be you!!

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I most definitely benefited from taking this workshop, I really enjoyed the mixture of video examples and inspirational teaching. Thoroughly motivating! Really happy about the resources we can look at following the class, it is often difficult to absorb everything in one go, and I think it will be a very valuable bank of resources that I will come back to time and time again as I continue to work in the future.

Nile Connolly-Martin
Social Media Marketer & Online Content Producer
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Thank you for the powerful learning experience. I would just like to say that I was extremely impressed by the way Dennis managed to impart so much useful and actionable information, so clearly. Excellent!

Michael Williamson
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The course has been excellent. Dennis is a great communicator and conveyed a lot of knowledge over the 4 week period. Anyone wishing to do anything in this space - I would recommend this course!

Practical hands on experience balanced with useful tips. You can tell that Dennis has done this before! It makes the learning more credible.

There is a lot to take in and it ultimately does depend what you do with this but as a first step into the world of content creation and appreciating the doors it can open, this is first class.

Kathryn Sherratt
Financial Director
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This was a very inspiring course. It's a great starting point for filmmakers. Dennis is a great teacher who shares his great deal of knowledge in filmmaking. He also encourages you to take action and shares valuable secrets of editing which come from his professionalism and experience. I would certainly recommend this workshop to everyone who wants to tell stories with picture. It gives knowledge and tools for further learning and encourages to start making instead of dreaming to do so. I would like to thank Dennis for this workshop and the knowledge he shared with us.

Dovile Kirvelaityte
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Dennis is very rich, passionate and mostly generous. He makes you believe him and at the same time he is very realistic and reachable! I would definitely recommend this workshop: to creatives; to people who are in love with content; to people that want to immerse themselves in how we can make our valuable content accessible and powerful to our target audience.

Corine Colors
Stage and Film Director
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I benefited from the clear and methodical manner in which the material was presented. The material was presented in an easy to understand linear fashion. all the basics were covered with scope for added work in one's own time.

Daniel Deacon
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First and foremost, I spent 3 hours in a room with a truly passionate editor and director, who was extremely generous to share his knowledge and experience with his students. I was given technical tools and guidance, which will now enable me to practice, make mistakes, learn. I’d definitely recommend this workshop, I didn't want for it to end. It was truly inspiring and motivating.
No more procrastination. Yeah!
Thank you for every second of it.

Marlena Chmal
Actress / Photographer
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I had always struggled finding a way to connect to my audience in a way that truly represented who I really am. I had taken several courses trying to find my own voice, but none of those courses moved me into my authenticity. Reason why? I was leaving myself out of the process, trying to be someone else.
In my experience, it doesn’t work! Authenticity can only come from you.
This is what the Audience Magnet platform will do for you. When you engage with it, you will find your true voice, you will find the truth of who you are and your audience will perceive your authenticity – perceive that your work and offering is coming from the love, the true and beautiful of who you are!

Theresa Elizabeth Caldwell
Quantum Healer
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