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A new business opportunity for film, tv and video professionals

Become a business storytelling specialist
in less than 99 days.

Join Magnetic Business Storytelling and create your future in the 7 week Accelerator
Become a skilled business storyteller and launch your services with confidence
Attract your perfect fit clients as you build a business and life that you control and design
Directors ~ Actors ~ Writers ~ Producers ~ Editors ~ Creatives ~ Preditors ~ Script Editors ~ Videographers ~
Directors ~ Actors ~ Writers ~ Producers ~ Editors ~ Creatives ~ Preditors ~ Script Editors ~ Videographers ~

With everything that’s happened over the past few of years, it’s more important than ever to be in control of how you create your income. This starts by offering an in-demand service, positioning yourself as the expert and having all the resources you need at your fingertips.

Business Storytelling is different to film & video storytelling. It's storytelling with a purpose. Stories that ultimately lead to a sale. With your transferrable skills, you're more than 75% of the way there already. Here's your opportunity to offer this sort-after service. Build and grow your own business using the skills you already possess.

Magnetic Business Storytelling

The ONLY Business Storytelling Training Program
for film, tv and video professionals

Are you…

This is the life-changing opportunity you’ve been waiting for

You’ll position yourself as the the go-to expert in your chosen field and only work with your perfect clients.

You’ll enable them to use the power of business storytelling to attract their ideal audience, grow their business and sell their products and services.

Your Complete Business Storytelling "Business in a Box"

With a real skill, a solid strategy, and taking action,
you can build the business and life that you design.

Next cohort starts April 2024
Limited spots available

The MBA for Business Storytelling (MBS)

Specifically designed for film, tv and video professionals, who want to transform their love for storytelling, and build a profitable Business Storytelling service-based business.
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Magnetic Business Storytelling
is the fastest way to:

Become the go-to person in your chosen field

Define and lead the business relationship

Be the most valuable asset in your clients business

It’s your opportunity to:

Build a business using your current skills or add to your current roster of services.

Take control of your own life and income and build a life that you truly want.

Take care of yourself and your family without having to sacrifice time away from your loved ones.

Are you comfortably unhappy in your role?

Do you have doubt about what to do next and how to take full control of your life?

Are you frustrated doing the same things again and again, and expecting a different result?

Do you have no clear plan about how you can confidently create more certainty in uncertain times?

Are you overwhelmed, feeling stuck, and no clear path to the future you desire?

Do you feel stressed, anxious and trapped going round and round on the hamster wheel, not knowing how to free yourself.

Are you looking for a realistic and fulfilling way to replace part-time work that supplements your current income.


If you’re looking to build a sustainable business in less than 99 days without the hustle and grind – you’ve come to the right place!!

The highest-paid person in the first half of this century will be the storyteller. All professionals, including advertisers, teachers, entrepreneurs and leaders, will be valued for their ability to create stories that will captivate their audiences.

Rolf Jensen

By the time you've gone through the Magnetic Business Storytelling Accelerator

You’ll show up as an EXPERT.

You’ll have a SOLID STRATEGY and the ecosystem to lean on for creating sales on-demand.

You’ll have a predictable and repeatable process that gets RESULTS.

You’ll be able to charge 2x, 3x and 5x higher rates as your clients see you as a TRUSTED PARTNER.

You’ll get all the HIGHER-PAYING CLIENTS you desire, whenever you want, and at whatever price point you choose…

As more businesses struggle to get noticed, fear for their future and lack the skills to attract their ideal clients and customers, there’s more opportunity than ever.

The current state of the film/tv/video industry

Based on our analysis of creative occupations, we estimate losses of more than 2.3 million jobs and $74 billion in average monthly earnings for the creative occupations. These losses represent 30% of all creative occupations and 15% of total average monthly wages.
Brookings Metro

If everyone is trying to get through that little door, you’re in the wrong places.

Robert Rodriguez

The 53 metropolitan areas with populations over 1 million are estimated to account for more than three-quarters (80%) of total estimated losses in sales and two-thirds (68%) of all estimated job losses in creative industries across the United States.
Brookings Metro

Columbia University Film MFA Program

$300,000 in tuition fees and living expenses

More than 800 people applied

Only 72 spots available (9% chance of success)

Wall Street Journal (2021)
Wall Street Journal (2021)

Don't be a statistic

The Creative Economy - Otis College of Art and Design
LA Times (2023)
10 million creative jobs lost because of the global crisis.
10 million creative jobs lost
UNESCO / Reshaping Policies for Creativity Report
Motion picture and video production lost the greatest number of workers in 2020.
136,000 lost their jobs
The overall unemployment rate for artists in 2021 was 7.2%, whereas in 2019 it was 3.7%
7.2% unemployment rate in 2021
Independent artists/writers/performers, the self-employed and those working as independent contractors (the vast majority working in film, tv & video industries) are excluded from employment data.

Creativity, originality and initiative is the number-three skill set predicted to be in demand in 2023.

The Future of Jobs Report
63% of all artists hold a bachelor’s degree or higher


0 x

Artists are
3.6 times more likely to be self-employed

The best way to predict the future is to create it


Remove imposter syndrome and discover your ideal path


Map out your future and create your personalized plan


Build your dream business and create the life you desire

The only integrated, end-to-end business storytelling solution on the market today.

The goal of the Magnetic Business Storytelling Program is to enable you to remove the feast and famine cycle of freelance and project based work and give you a real skill that helps you earn the type of income you crave. 

With so much uncertainty in the industry right now (more projects but smaller budgets OR less projects and more competition) you’re able to take your love of storytelling and use its power to help other businesses grow, while you make more money, and increase the impact you have on the world.

The 7 week Accelerator Intensive Program is NOT a course. It’s an implementation program.Active Learning animationOur system and curriculum is your secret sauce to growing a successful in-demand service business.

It removes the guesswork, overthinking or feeling like an imposter.

It gives you the courage to take action, and the conviction to know the true value you offer.

You’ll communicate with confidence and clarity, giving your clients supreme confidence in your abilities.

The included storytelling-based marketing platform is your go-to for all your communication needs.

With an extensive and actionable library of proven frameworks, words that convert and processes to take your clients through, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

So you can attend every client meeting with confidence as you lead the conversation. Because they’re in desperate need for the skills you bring to the table.

If you’ve felt stuck wondering how to take your career or business to the next level, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Take the Quantum Leap.
It's time ⏰

Next cohort starts April 2024
Limited spots available

A story is the only way to activate parts in the brain so that the listener turns the story into their own idea and experience.

Uri Hasson

The Great Resignation

The Portfolio Collective

It's time to embrace the new way of working

Nearly 4 million Americans quit their jobs in October 2022
4 Million quit their jobs
US Bureau of Labor Statistics
65% of employees are looking for new jobs
PwC Pulse Survey
75% who started freelancing over the last 18 months make the same or more money than they did in traditional work.
Upwork’s Freelance Forward Report
58% plan on remaining independent
Upwork’s Freelance Forward Report

Get skills that will future-proof your career

The key is to have a skill stack that makes you holistic. Having only one or two specific talents won’t be sufficient for the world we’re entering. You'll need a combination of different talents and skills to advance.

86% feel their career has stalled during the last 18 months
Feel career has stalled 86%
80% do not think their current employer offers growth opportunities
Feel lack of growth opportunities 80%
54% fear they don’t have the skills needed to succeed in the new normal
Fear lack of skills 54%
92% are willing to change industries for the right role
Willing to change industries 92%
72% say the last 18 months has caused them to rethink their skill sets
Getting new skills 72%
66% believe there are new job opportunities for them
New opportunities available 66%
More than half of potential job-hoppers have sought out new trainings and skills during the last
18 months, so that they're prepared for opportunities to change jobs or careers.
Specialists get hired more often, more quickly, and at higher fees.
What does your future look like?
Decide today to put yourself in control of how you work and who you work with.
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Become the Key to Marketing
and Sales Success

One of the most important — and difficult — skills for entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, and creative professionals to master, is the ability to connect with and move an audience.

“Why can’t I just focus on what I enjoy and do best?”

This is what so many think and feel when they realize that marketing is the life-blood of their business and what drives sales.

Business storytelling is the most ethical, effective and natural ways to connect with an audience on an emotional level, whilst at the same time move them to action. 

Strategic Partnerships

By creating strategic partnerships with other business owners, you can help them realize their dreams. And at the same time realize your own dreams.

You can be that guiding light for all the businesses, freelancers and professionals who don’t have the skills needed to take their business to the next level.

Magnetic Business Storytelling is a complete ecosystem for becoming a successful business storytelling service provider.

Help business owners capture attention, earn trust and win business.
What do you want the next 12 months to look like…

Become the most talked-about person, with your clients being your biggest evangelists.

Build a sustainable business, where you can work from anywhere.

Creating a profitable business that doesn’t require you to work 24/7

Be in full control of your future.

The rise of the content entrepreneur

Benefits of being a content entrepreneur

Pursue my passion(s)
Flexible working hours
Enjoy my working hours
Challenge myself
Choose where I live
Earn more than at a traditional job
More time with my family/friends
More time to pursue my hobbies
Prove myself to others
The Tilt, Benchmark Research 2021
The largest and most financially successful cohort in the study were Gen X (40%), now in their 40s and 50s.
Followed by Millennials (35%) from their 30s-40. Then Boomers (20%) in their late 50s all the way to 65+.

"Setting my own hours, doing things that interest me, and helping others fulfill their dreams."

90% want to achieve “financial freedom on their own terms”
want financial freedom on their own terms 90%
85% full time content creators say they enjoy their work
enjoy their work 85%
80% value flexible working hours
value flexible working hours 80%
82% value their independence
value their independence 82%
70% want to learn more about how to grow their audience
want to learn about audience growth 70%

Success is all about execution

A content entrepreneur is a business owner

62% of full time content creators monetization tactic
consulting or coaching 62%
53% want to discover new opportunities to monetize their content
new ways to monetize 53%
44% of women seek out a solopreneur content business
solopreneur 44%
42% of men focus on building a small business
small business 42%
Only 1% regret their decision to become content creators
The Tilt, Benchmark Research 2022

“Freedom from a boss, time constraints, and location constraints.
And freedom to pursue my own wealth (financial, health, personal) and not someone else’s.”

We’re in a different league.
We stand out from the crowd.
The word content doesn’t encapsulate us.
We are creatives, artists and changemakers!!

Where experience and age are your biggest asset

Today more than ever, business storytellers have become the new breed of marketers.

If you’re 50+ your age is not a barrier but an asset. You can leverage your current skills and years of experience to create a lucrative  service based business.

You have the knowledge and experience to be the perfect business storytelling service provider for any industry you choose.

If it’s time for change, and you’re stuck with what to do next, then what better way to take advantage of your industry skills and your passion for storytelling!!

Accelerate your success

The Magnetic Business Storytelling Accelerator Program is your key to unlock the business and freedom that you desire.

Give yourself the springboard and momentum you need, to make the next 12 months of your life revolutionary.

Next cohort starts April 2024
Secure your place TODAY!
A Unique Hybrid Approach

The MBS 7 Week Intensive Accelerator Program is a unique hybrid of training, coaching and implementation. This is encompassed with a community-based support network.

It’s designed to give you the skills and confidence to be a business storytelling professional. You’ll build a service-based business in high-demand by your perfect-fit clients. Because they see you as the go-to expert. You’ll become the best investment your clients make in their business.

With a clear plan, the right training and taking action, you’ll have the knowledge and mindset to skyrocket your revenue in less than 100 days. You’ll be well on your way to building a business and life that you design.

Dennis Morrison – Creator of the MBS Program
Your Guide + Advisor

Dennis’ experience as a film & video professional and educator, puts him in the perfect position to guide you on your journey to becoming a Business Storyteller service-provider.

With a Post Graduate in Academic Practice in Art, Communication & Design, he’s also a fellow of Advance HE (FHEA).

FHEA is a globally recognized Fellowship award which champions teaching excellence. The award is given to experienced professionals, who have demonstrated their expertise and ability to deliver a practical approach to high quality learning, that’s focused on enhancing the learning experience.

This award endorses his practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning.

Find out more about Dennis further down the page.


a cohort
of Peers

Meet a diverse group of writers, directors, producers, videographers, editors, actors and other professionals who are eager to connect and excel together. Stay on track with projects and milestones.

Active Learning
Passive Watching

A 7 week implementation intensive program. Step-by-step guides and frameworks help you create the foundation for a lucrative business, and serve your clients at the highest level. 

Become a
specialist and
charge higher fees

Position you and your services as an investment in your client’s business growth. You only need 4-5 clients paying you each month to build the business and create the life that you desire.

You’ll achieve more in 99 days than most achieve in 2 years.

Cohort-based growth & development is a collaborative learning approach where you go through the program together. With a structured program that guides you step-by-step, you’ll keep each other motivated as you all advance through the program.

You’ll have shared accountability as you build your business storytelling muscles. Plus, you’ll support each other’s ideas and give each other feedback whilst you grow your marketing and sales skills.

It’s the best way to expand your experiences, be exposed to different perspectives, and gain insights from other members. Nothing beats going on such a transformational journey together.

Why give up the best part of your time to someone else? Do you think that one day you’ll look back and think, “You know, I really should have handed over more of my life to a large corporation?” There’s a true power shift taking place. Power is taken, not given. There’s never been a better time!

Chris Guillebeau

It’s time to build a thriving, sustainable business storytelling empire that grows 📈 month after month.

People are looking for a connection. Tell a good enough story about your brand and people will not only get invested, they’ll want to buy from you.

John Michael Morgan

If people love a brand story

55% are more likely to buy the product
44% will share the story
15% will immediately buy the product
Source: Headstream
Sell with Story  ~  Become a Business Storytelling Service Provider  ~ 
Sell with Story  ~  Become a Business Storytelling Service Provider  ~ 
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black guy - white top
woman writer
muslim-woman 1

People think in stories, not statistics, and marketers need to be master storytellers.

Arianna Huffington

3 business opportunities waiting for you right now!

With the global impact hitting all businesses, and with the increase of global competition, it’s becoming harder for businesses to get noticed, and grow their business.
Local businesses are struggling due to online competition
Online businesses are struggling to get noticed

Many business owners, professionals and personal brands aren’t crystal clear on the problem they solve and for whom!

On top of everything else they have to do in their business, most don’t know where to begin or how to focus their efforts when it comes to marketing their product or service.

  • They’re overwhelmed with the idea of marketing
  • They don’t have a memorable brand
  • They lack understanding of the market
  • They lack a solid marketing strategy
  • They’re not focused enough on growth and longevity
  • They lack consistency in their marketing
  • They’re not targeting people who want to buy
  • They’re often scared to ask for the sale

This is where you come to the rescue. Use the power of business storytelling to help businesses get in front of their ideal clients and customers, book more calls and sell their products and services. You become their go-to sales and marketing partner, while they focus their time and energy on their zone of genius. A partnership made in heaven!

With more and more coaches selling coaching programs to others who want to be coaches, there’s a massive market of coaches offering services but not really making any sales. They may have learnt how to be a great coach, but they didn’t realize that part of the deal was to also do the marketing to attract their perfect-fit clients.

This is where most coaches get overwhelmed and start to lose their confidence. They’re not getting in front of their ideal clients, so they’re not making the sales they need each month.

They didn’t choose to become a coach to spend a lot of their time and energy marketing their services. But without sales, they have no coaching business. They want someone else to do that for them so they can put all of their time and energy helping their clients.

This is where you come to the rescue. Use the power of business storytelling to help coaches get in front of their ideal clients, book more calls and close more sales. You become their go-to sales and marketing partner, while they focus their time and energy on their zone of genius. A partnership made in heaven!

The US and European markets account for more than 70% of the current global online learning industry.

There’s so many people creating online courses. And even more people creating courses that teach people how to create courses. The reality is, many struggle to attract their ideal audience and make consistent sales.

They’re sold the dream of – all you need to do is create a course to have a successful business – only to realize that without effective marketing and sales, they’re not making nearly enough sales and are struggling to make a profit. And most of them hate the sales and marketing side of things.

This is where you come to the rescue. When you use the power of business storytelling, you help course creators attract their ideal audience and make more sales. You become their go-to sales and marketing partner, while they focus their time and energy on their zone of genius. A partnership made in heaven!

More Memorable
1 x

Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone ~ Jennifer Aaker ~

Coaches on Linkedin
1 M

Results from a search for ‘coaches’ on LinkedIn in 2020 ~ Laura Roeder ~

Value of Online Courses
$ 1 B

Value of the E-learning Industry in 2021 ~ Global Marketing Insights ~

  Create the type of business you’ve always wanted.    One you can be proud of!! 
  Create the type of business you’ve always wanted.    One you can be proud of!! 


Your Complete Business Storytelling “Business in a Box”







Next cohort starts April 2024
Limited spots available. Secure your place TODAY!

Magnetic Business Storytelling is NOT like any other program you’ve experienced.
Between the 49 day Implementation Accelerator, the “plug and play” frameworks and community – with the option for continued access, there’s nothing else like it.

This is the place to be if you’re ready to build and grow your new business storytelling service!

Women in Business - The real driving force in the economy

Age Range

51% – Gen X (40s–50s)
31% – Boomers (late 50s–65+)
17% – Millennials (25-40)
Guidant Financial
Small Business Trends survey results

Highly Educated

34% have a Bachelor’s degree
27% have a Masters degree
11% have an Associate degree
  8%  have a Doctorate

Entrepreneurship has grown

for African American women
for Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander women
for Asian American women
for Latina & Hispanic women
American Express
State of Women-Owned Business report

Motivations for Starting a Business

Ready to be my own boss
Wanted to pursue my passion

Confidence in Business Growth

Very Confident
Somewhat Confident

Happiness Levels

Very Happy
Somewhat Happy
Guidant Financial - Small Business Trends survey results

Business Services was the second most popular business industry

42% moved their business models to the online universe this year.
37% are developing new businesses that respond to the needs of the place and the moment.
34% identified new business opportunities over the last
18 months.
Specialists get hired more often, more quickly, and at higher fees.
What does your future look like?
Decide today to put yourself in control of how you work and who you work with.
Become a Magnetic Business Storyteller and see your 🔥profits soar🚀

The Future You...

The Magnetic Business Storytelling Program is designed to give you a money-making skill, and transform you into a high-earner.

You have knowledge, skills and experience that is highly valued (by the right people).

By enhancing your current skills in the right way, with a clear focus and intention on becoming a business storyteller, you can turn it into a financial freedom machine.

Say goodbye to the feast and famine cycle of freelancing, going from project to project, waiting for the next paying gig.

Say goodbye to working another job to help pay the bills. A job that takes your energy and motivation away from your real passion.

There are 1000’s of businesses struggling to get their message out in the world – to be heard – to be seen. It’s just not their forte… but it is yours – if you choose to look at what you can do in a different light.

If you're serious about building a sustainable life, where you can work from anywhere, and be in full control of your future:

It's the place to be if you want to offer a service that grows as you grow.

It's the place to be to understand how to sell your services to clients that, before you met, didn't know they needed you.

It's the place to be to discover how to get clients you’re excited about and to help them get results.

woman glasses on head
woman with short hair
man with headphones

By becoming a business storytelling specialist:

  • You’ll develop a real skill…
  • You’ll be able to command higher fees…
  • You’ll approach potential clients with authority…
  • You’ll communicate confidently…
  • You’ll only work with your dream clients…
  • You’ll present clients with a  solid strategy…
  • You’ll execute on the plan…
  • And you’ll get them results!
Next cohort starts April 2024
Limited spots available
You don’t need to hustle and grind. With a real skill, a solid strategy, refusing to sit on the sidelines, and taking action, you can build the business and life that you design.

Proven, time-tested frameworks and repeatable systems at your fingertips.


The MBS Program and the Audience Magnet Business Storytelling Platform.


Attract and retain your perfect clients. Build your dream (lifestyle) business. Create the freedom and life that you design.

0 %
Emotionally connected customers are this much more valuable

And do you know what is the most-often missing ingredient in a sales message? It’s the sales message that doesn’t tell an interesting story. Storytelling . . . good storytelling . . . is a vital component of a marketing campaign.

Gary Halbert

What do you want the next 12 months to look like…

Position yourself as an indispensable problem solver, instead of a generalist freelancer…

Ask your clients better questions so you can solve bigger problems (and collect bigger checks)

Get fully booked with your perfect-fit high-ticket clients…

Show your clients how to become the signal instead of the noise…

Magnetic Business Storytelling is not a “Do It Yourself” program, it’s a “Done With You” program. It’s also not a training program – it’s an implementation program.

While training programs can equip you with know-how, only implementation gets the systems inside Magnetic Business Storytelling embedded into your process, so you get tangible results.

remember stories
remember statistics
Source: Dan & Chip Heath

My ideal client has recognized their need for help with getting themselves in front of their ideal client or customer. They may lack the skill or they may lack the time. In many cases it’s both.

My clients know that marketing is not the best use of their time. They need somebody who’s an expert to provide that for them. To partner with them. They value time over money and want to spend their time focusing on what they’re best at.

My ideal clients are partners. They want to work with me over a period of time. They want to build a relationship, and they see me as an extension of them.

Joy Bennett

The Small Business Revolution

We have changed. Work has changed. The way we think about time and space has changed. People now crave the flexibility they’ve experienced since 2020.

Tsedal Neeley

Specialists get hired more often,
more quickly, and at higher fees.

500,000 new businesses are started every month
500,000 new businesses
70% of small businesses are operated and owned by a single person
owned by single person 70%
23% of all entrepreneur’s are older than 55 years old
23% are 55 years +
Sources: Fundera ~ Kauffman Foundation ~ SBA Office of Advocacy

60-85% of your skills are transferable

The top five most common content marketing goals for businesses:

Creating brand awareness 87%
Building credibility/trust 81%
Educating audiences 79%
Generating demand/leads 75%
Building loyalty with existing customers/clients 68%
B2B Content Marketing 2021 Report

At its very core, marketing is storytelling. The best advertising campaigns take us on an emotional journey – appealing to our wants, needs and desires – while at the same time telling us about a product or service.

Melinda Partin

What The Pro's Say...

Meet your Guide + Advisor

Dennis Morrison originated as a filmmaker, is an entrepreneurial creative and founder of Audience Magnet.

He’s an ideas and solutions catalyst, business storytelling consultant and storymarketing strategist.

It took Dennis 239 weeks to map out and create everything inside the Magnetic Business Storytelling Accelerator Program.

The MBS Accelerator Program trains film/tv/video professionals step-by-step, how to offer
Business Storytelling as a Service.

It gives them the tools and resources to consistently craft stories that lead to a sale. They'll be seen as one of the most valuable assets in their clients business.

The 3 words that describe Dennis best are:
Inspire – Guide – Empower

A snapshot of his professional and teaching experience:

He’s worked in the Film & TV Industry for over 25 years, as an editor, director and cameraman.

He studied practical filmmaking before digital was a thing. He gained a Bachelor's Degree in Film & Video from University of the Arts, London. He’s probably the last generation to actually edit film on a Steenbeck.

He’s created documentaries and lifestyle programs that have been sold to cable channels in 
Europe and USA, and has worked on many short films and independent dramas.

He’s filmed all over the world, including USA, UK, Europe, and South America.

He’s filmed and worked with some of the world’s top music artists. These include the likes of Public Enemy, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jennifer Lopez, Common, Burning Spear, Luciano and Ziggy, Stephen and Damian Marley.

He’s created branded content for some of the world’s top brands, including Diesel, L'Oréal and Red Bull.

He created a short film platform for independent filmmakers to sell their films, and build an audience who watched them on their mobile phones. This was before the smartphone era and what we take for granted today.

His short film platform (zzizzl films) led to him speaking at many international film festivals (including Cannes), on panels about filmmaking, distribution and audience building. [view flickr archive]

He’s consulted on numerous video projects for various companies (including the Discovery Channel), helping them develop their video strategies and build their audience.

He wrote and self-published an ebook in 2014 called “Online Video Success Toolkit - how to use video to capture and keep your audience."

He’s been teaching filmmaking, editing, storytelling and communication to BA & MA students for over 12 years, and to fellow professionals from around the world for over 20 years. His workshops and masterclasses having a strong focus on hands-on practical skills.

He's training the next generation filmmakers. He’s a lecturer and head of editing and post-production at 2 international film schools.

He spent 7 years teaching 1000+ solo and small business owners how to build an online presence and sell their products and services.

He’s also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) - an internationally recognized award for experienced professionals, who have demonstrated their expertise and ability to deliver a practical approach to high quality learning, that’s focused on enhancing the learning experience.

Dennis shows you how to turn your
ideal clients into Audience Magnets.

Creativity will be one of the most in-demand skills in the future work environment. Creative thinking skills such as problem-solving, coming up with fresh ideas, seeing beyond the obvious, and putting ideas to fruition to tackle challenges and improve situations will be crucial.

World Economic Forum

Tell me more about the MBS Program

Next cohort starts April 2024
Limited spots available. Secure your place TODAY!

The truth is that business storytelling can be learned like any other skill or technique.

But you need an experienced guide.

Someone to break down the structures of communications and storytelling, into a step-by-step system specifically for business.

So that you can start using them immediately with your clients.

What They Say...

I’ve been working as a video producer for over 6 years now primarily in the creative media industries. I started working with Dennis towards the beginning of this year as was seeking support in the initial stages of building my Video Property Marketing Agency which was in a slightly new industry to me.  

I had many different avenues I was interested in exploring, and I was looking for help and advice on breaking into a new part of an industry for myself. Dennis has really helped me to gain clarity and insight on setting measurable goals at the beginning. He helped me to identify the best route possible for my business and connected me with partners to bring my idea to life. 

Since our time working together, I have learned so much from his genuine business and entrepreneurship experience shared. I’m now far more confident and knowledgeable in overcoming any obstacles that may challenge my business.  

 Dennis has such a contagious, positive and supportive personality that he encourages you to develop confidence in what you’re building and he is an absolute pleasure to work alongside.

I most definitely benefited from taking this workshop, I really enjoyed the mixture of video examples and inspirational teaching.

Thoroughly motivating! Really happy about the resources we can look at following the class, it is often difficult to absorb everything in one go, and I think it will be a very valuable bank of resources that I will come back to time and time again as I continue to work in the future.

Nile Connolly-MartinSocial Media Marketer & Online Content Producer
Read More

Dennis provided me with all the tools and confidence I needed. His enthusiasm and energy engages and enables learners with a wide range of backgrounds, skills and experience, and I always felt able to ask questions without embarrassment. It was amazing how much he was able to cover in just 4 sessions. Thank you for a great learning experience.

Sonia MaloneyMarketing & Design Solutions
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Dennis has extensive industry knowledge in digital business.  I have worked with him a number of times over the years and every time anything pivotal has occurred on my entrepreneur journey it has been under his guidance. His generosity of spirit means that he over delivers on his promises. I cant recommend him highly enough.

What once was a daunting and scary prospect, is now an exciting new challenge. I see this as an opportunity to open so many more doors and hopefully a new future for myself.
Siofra PettyFundraiser
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Thank you for the powerful learning experience.
I would just like to say that I was extremely impressed by the way Dennis managed to impart so much useful and actionable information, so clearly. Excellent!
Michael WilliamsonFreelancer
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I was introduced to Audience Magnet at the beginning of this year when I had completed a project and looking for a way to engage with my potential audience.

Prior to this introduction, I had always struggled with finding a way to connect to my audience in a way that truly represented who I really am, rather than using the platitudes created by others who found their own way to connect with their audiences. I had taken several courses and programs trying to find my own voice, but none of those courses moved me into my authenticity.

Reason why? I was leaving myself out of the process, trying to be someone else. In my experience, it doesn’t work! In reality, we can only be our self because, if we are not, the vibrations of coming from our message will be inauthentic!

This is what the Audience Magnet platform will do for you. When you engage with it, you will find your true voice, you will find the truth of who you are and your audience will perceive your authenticity – perceive that your work and offering is coming from the love, the true and beautiful of who you are!

For me Audience Magnet is a 5 stars ⭐  out of 5!

Theresa Elizabeth CaldwellQuantum Healer
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Dennis has been an amazing teacher, connecting to people of all levels, making things clear and easy to understand. I started this course not being confident in myself but now it has enabled me to grow and take on the task ahead.
Julie KhanDesigner
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I benefited from the clear and methodical manner in which the material was presented. The material was presented in an easy to understand linear fashion. all the basics were covered with scope for added work in one’s own time.
Daniel DeaconConsultant
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Until recently I had been unsuccessful applying for jobs for months. The pandemic had meant very few face to face interactions. Less confidence. More doubt. Then I met Dennis and listened to him on a podcast. Simultaneously down to earth and inspirational, he unintentionally talked me into believing in myself again.

Dennis had a clear narrative that was linked together effortlessly in the process of conveying his point to the interviewer. His charisma shone through. It was the way he spoke, the confidence and conviction he has.

I wished I was like that… Then a thought crossed my mind. During my interviews I put myself in his shoes. I simply emulated him. The contents of what I was saying had not changed. How I expressed it, however, was very much shaped by Dennis’s style. The result was that I got multiple job offers, and a higher salary than I was expecting.

Bottom line. Do it like Dennis. 😎

Alexander GloverArchitect
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Extremely helpful and fits in perfectly with my business plan. Thank you Dennis.
Sharon McCaulskyTutor
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Lots of great information well presented. Dennis is a great teacher.
Fergal SpelmanTV Director/Producer
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I thought the workshop was excellent, and Dennis put a lot of enthusiasm and patience into the teaching. I felt, as did my classmates, that he did a great job at making the class interesting and very practical. I have studied at several universities and done lots of night classes, and have rarely come across someone so dedicated, good at what they do and able to explain complex information in a simple way. The task of teaching students at very different levels of competency is a difficult one, but I think the pace and depth of the class was attuned to all students’ needs very well. I think Dennis did an excellent job.
Aisling ConboyStudy Abroad and Exchange Coordinator
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Dennis is very rich, passionate and mostly generous. He makes you believe him and at the same time he is very realistic and reachable! I would definitely recommend this workshop: to creatives; to people who are in love with content; to people that want to immerse themselves in how we can make our valuable content accessible and powerful to our target audience.
Corine ColorsStage and Film Director
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A very informative and enjoyable course, which was great value for money – Dennis is a great tutor. Very knowledgeable and helpful. He breaks information down so it is easy to understand and digest. The toolkits provided looks to be invaluable
Abbie ThompsonGraphic Designer
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I have learned a new skill, gained confidence and created future opportunities. Dennis is one of the most skilled facilitators I have met. He has been able to deliver a learning solution to a very mixed ability class, creating motivation and enthusiasm from all the delegates. I liked that we had ownership for our own learning and research, and the pace was perfect. The content is fantastic, a great mix of practical, theory and very interactive. Dennis’ delivery was excellent. He is very skilled at breaking tasks down into manageable chunks and explaining complex information in a simple to understand way.

Amber TaylorGlobal Coach
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I thinks Dennis is an excellent resource and well worth the time attending the classes. I feel that he offers great support and inspiration. I look forward to hearing about any future courses as a result.
Maurice HigginsMedia Manager
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Dennis explains everything very clearly and makes things easy to understand, even the difficult parts. Great course and great teacher! Thank you very much.
David Sanchez-RamadeDigital Designer
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The course has been excellent. Dennis is a great communicator and conveyed a lot of knowledge over the 4 week period. Anyone wishing to do anything in this space – I would recommend this course! Practical hands on experience balanced with useful tips. You can tell that Dennis has done this before! It makes the learning more credible. There is a lot to take in and it ultimately does depend what you do with this but as a first step into the world of content creation and appreciating the doors it can open, this is first class.
Kathryn SherrattFinancial Director
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First and foremost, I spent 3 hours in a room with a truly passionate editor and director, who was extremely generous to share his knowledge and experience with his students. I was given technical tools and guidance, which will now enable me to practice, make mistakes, learn. I’d definitely recommend this workshop, I didn’t want for it to end. It was truly inspiring and motivating. No more procrastination. Yeah! Thank you for every second of it.
Marlena ChmalActress / Photographer
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This was a very inspiring course. It’s a great starting point for filmmakers. Dennis is a great teacher who shares his great deal of knowledge in filmmaking. He also encourages you to take action and shares valuable secrets of editing which come from his professionalism and experience. I would certainly recommend this workshop to everyone who wants to tell stories with picture. It gives knowledge and tools for further learning and encourages to start making instead of dreaming to do so. I would like to thank Dennis for this workshop and the knowledge he shared with us.
Dovile KirvelaityteFilmmaker
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