I'm Dennis Morrison, teacher, content curator and founder of Audience Magnet.

Audience Magnet provides training and resources for freelance creatives. We give you the tools to expand your skills, build your platform and attract your audience.

I’m probably from the last generation to be taught traditional editing skills. Splicing bits of film together with a blade and sticky tape seems archaic now, but this was the perfect grounding for my adventure in storytelling.

My post-production and editing work has spanned music and dance videos, TV and independent short films. For over 10 years I’ve taught editing and post production - currently teaching at Central Film School, London and delivering 'Power of Editing' workshops at Raindance.

In 2008 I launched Zzizzl, an alternative digital distribution platform with the aim to bridge the gap between making films and making money. This is where I learned about the web and how it can benefit us creatives.

I became a spokesperson for independent filmmakers due to my progressive views on video distribution. This led to being invited to international film festivals, including Cannes, and speaking about audience building and monetisation at various events.

In 2014, I completed a Post Grad (Academic Practice in Art, Communication & Design) which has enhanced my teaching practice and impacted on my entrepreneurial projects.

I also teach short courses in website building at Ravensbourne University (featured in The Guardian – February 2015). Everyone should have the opportunity to build a platform to showcase their products and services. I train attendees how to develop a website and to think creatively about producing content to engage their audience and grow their business.

I believe that creatives have to take full advantage of the online world. We need to add more strings to our bow, so we can enhance our skills and build a sustainable lifestyle. We need to say goodbye to  the 'feast or famine' mentality, and realise that we have the skills and ability to offer services that can enhance other peoples' businesses - as well as our own 🙂

I'm on a mission to give you relevant digital skills so you can create a sustainable lifestyle.